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  • granite precision measuring tools
  • granite precision components
  • Accurate process device structural members
  • optics granite table with vibration insulated
  • precison equipment
  • Precision apparatus
  • Accurate measurement checking structural members
  • Electronic level meter
    Shandong gaotang BoHai precision machinery Co., LTD
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    Shandong Gaotang Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in the early 1980s as Gaotang Measuremental Instrument Factory, which was expanded and renamed Shandong Gaotang Bohai Precision Machinery Co., Ltd in 2003. The company is specialized producer of granite products as well as one of the leading granite product suppliers in China. Capable of producing over 40 varieties and 8 series of products, the company also accepts orders for nonstandard production and provides precise granite components for high-accuracy survey and manufacturer

    granite precision inspection surface plate
    granite pr
    stand and jack for granite surface plate
    stand and
    grnaite square rules
    grnaite sq
    granite parallel
    granite pa
    granite vee blocks
    granite ve
    granite blocks or granite box
    granite bl
    granite straight edges
    granite st
    granite rail of 3D CMM
    granite ra
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