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  • granite precision measuring tools
  • granite precision components
  • Accurate process device structural members
  • optics granite table with vibration insulated
  • precison equipment
  • Precision apparatus
  • Accurate measurement checking structural members
  • Electronic level meter
    Shandong gaotang BoHai precision machinery Co., LTD
    Contact Person:wei hongshuai


    Precision apparatus

    50 Meters baseline device
    50 Meters

    Device construction:
      1.This device is a high accuracy guideways system made by some high accuracy coalescing guideways and ……详细信息>>

    Raster length measuring machine
    Raster len

    Series GC raster length measuring machine:
      Series GC raster length me……详细信息>>

    Straightness measuring device

    The high precision air slide area is made of two vertical planes on the granite plate in this measuring system, where the sliding block can make non-friction linear movement with……详细信息>>

    Squareness measuring device

    Plane fluctuate measuring instrument
    Plane fluc

    This is an efficient and convenient measuring instrument to test the flatness of part area, in order to meet different measuring accuracy, it could be equipped with different accuracy inspection me……详细信息>>

    Length measuring device
    Length mea

    1、The combination by high-strength adhesive for aviation industry of hollow aluminum and hard aluminum alloy as the ……详细信息>>

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