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  • granite precision measuring tools
  • granite precision components
  • Accurate process device structural members
  • optics granite table with vibration insulated
  • precison equipment
  • Precision apparatus
  • Accurate measurement checking structural members
  • Electronic level meter
    Shandong gaotang BoHai precision machinery Co., LTD
    Contact Person:wei hongshuai


    optics granite table with vibration insulated

    Vibration Isolated Table Top Platform

    High accuracy optics granite table
    High accur

    Vertical natrual frequency:approx.2.5HZ
        Horizontal natural frequency :approx.2.5HZ
        Adjustable feet, rollable

    optical metal table with vibration insulated
    optical me

    Adjustable foot savings.
         Anti-distortion, welded steel frame.
         Frame and flat film between the air spring with BILZ isolation device……详细信息>>

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