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     granite vee blocks
    放大图片granite vee blocks
    【name】 granite vee blocks
    〖The price〗 面议
    【category】 granite precision measuring tools
    〖time〗 2010/12/1

    Granite vee blocks :BoHai Vee blocks are ideal for supporting or holding cylindrical pieces during manufacturing or inspection. They are matched pairs and have all surfaces finishedThey  have all surfaces finished, and often have 90 degrees V, which centered and parallel to the bottom and two sides and square to the ends. Supplied in matched pair. Our standards mainly according to GB87-85, GGG-P-4630, DIN876, JIS-B510, ISO-DP8512 and so on. This item are available in grades”000”,"00" and"0", Manufactured from carefully selected black granite.

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